New Polish Crash Site Video?

April 13th, 2010 by Blackminorca

Where is the dense fog? Notice at 45 seconds, a very clear view of a field hundreds of yards deep. This confirms reports of visibility of 1/4 mile. How could the pilot not have seen the ground to avoid the trees?  If this is an actual video of the crash moments after the fact,  then serious questions have to be asked.


UPDATE: This video has been pulled from Youtube. Hmmmm. Thankfully we have some transcripts and some images and let the record note that the apparent shooting accompanied yelling for the “whores” to “get out”.

UPDATE: The video is back on with new comments

UPDATE: This story is finally getting picked up here, here, and here.

PS – notice all the trolls at Free Republic and the unending ad hominems at those who hear gunshots and see no fog.

UPDATE: This video appears to be legitimate.
Here is a photo of Putin at the same exact spot.

16 Responses to “New Polish Crash Site Video?”

  1. Lara says:

    Translation (from Russian) of what’s said in the video.

    0:29 fucking (pizdec)
    0:30 whore (kurwa)
    0:43 we leave here, leaving (idziemy z tąd, idziemy)
    0:47 Get out of here you bastard (dawaj z tąd)
    0:49 go from here (idzte z tąd)
    1:00 fucking a (ni chuja sobie)
    1:12 all back leaving (wszyscy spowrotem idziemy)
    1:18 father leave everything, we’re leaving (ojciec idź wszystko, idziemy)
    1:21 fucking a (ni chuja sobie) 7

  2. Lara says:

    RE: the “shots” , says Polish commentator

    xiniupl: I thinks shots are from president’s security guns – they had Them, and it is very Possible That bullets fired from heat – there was a lof of buring fuel.

    As was written earlier, and it is clear that BORowcy had weapons – as you might guess the dust in the fire breaks out – in temperatures beyond a certain place where each is. In addition to that for sure was extra ammunition and other flammable items – some of them in the aircraft is. 3

  3. Blackminorca says:

    “Polish commentator” is grasping for straws. The shots are fired after yelling by the presumed Russian security guards.

  4. RTR says:

    Where did you see any “Russian security guards” in that video, Blackminorca?

    You are a liar and a provocateur. Here is the lie that you perpetrated on the La Russophobe blog:

    blackminorcapullets // April 16, 2010 at 7:11 pm |
    The most telling fact is that the Russian first responders – instead of looking to assist survivors that might be wandering around the wreckage – took to shooting at them yelling “Get out of here you whores” – and then laughing.

  5. RTR says:

    I just wonder: why are supporters of Ukrainian nationalism such compulsive liars and provocateurs? Whom are they fooling? Certainly not Ukrainians, who, tired Yuschenko’s lies, gave him only 5% of the votes. I hope Ukraine puts your kind on trial some day.

  6. RTR says:

    Speaking of airplane disasters. When the Ukrainian military shot down the Israeli plane with about 100 Russian Jews on board, killing everybody, was that also intentional? If so – why were they killed? Because they were Jews or because they were Russian? Too bad there were no Poles. That would have been a trifectea for Uke nationalists: slaughtering Jews, Poles and Russian with just one shot. A repeat of Lwow Massacres of 1941.

  7. RTR says:

    ” If this is an actual video of the crash moments after the fact, then serious questions have to be asked. WHY IS THERE SHOOTING DURING A “RESCUE” OPERATION?”

    Make up your mind. If this is MOMENTS AFTER THE CRASH, then the RESCUE OPERATION has not had time to start yet. I bet it took quite a while for the rescuers to get to the crash site.

  8. Blackminorca says:

    One of the common and hysterical alibis used by the Russophile trolls on the crash forums is that the guards in the video chasing away the photgrapher were “hunters” and that this is “common” since animals are drawn to the “smell of blood”.

    Well, the point is still proven. It takes a godless Russian to summon up the idea that a hunter would be more interested in shooting game than assisting the victims of a plane crash.

  9. Blackminorca says:

    The brotherhood of the Sich are not nationalists as much as we are philosophers – “lovers of truth” which is anethema to the Kremlin.
    By the way, a majority of Ukrainians voted against Putin’s lapdog, Yanukovych.

  10. Blackminorca says:

    Now this is a genuinly stupid display of piloting or navigation – flying a commercial aircraft past a military training excercises where the Ukrainian military is shooting missiles at test drones. There is the possibility that Russian involvement was not unintentional – that the flight path provided by the Russians purposely sent them through this military excercise. After all, the Russians knowingly shot down a 747 ….that included US Congressmen who were ardent opponents of the Kremlin.

  11. Blackminorca says:

    The whistle is the airport’s plane crash alarm. The Russians yelling obscenities are part of the airport personnel ergo, they are part of the rescue operation.

    RTR, do you really think you are fooling anyone?

  12. RTR says:

    Blackminorca wrote: “The whistle is the airport’s plane crash alarm. The Russians yelling obscenities are part of the airport personnel ergo, they are part of the rescue operation.”

    Are you serious? Suppose that the whistle is indeed the crash alarm. That means that this whistle is a signal for the airport personnel, rescuers and the firefighters to start looking for the debri. So, the airport personnel must have arrived there many minutes later, long after this 1.5-minute video was finished.

    But the man and the woman heard in this video arrived there BEFORE the whistle. So, how can they be “airport personnel”? These are just a husband and wife who witnessed the crash and were totally shocked by this disaster. That’s why they are repeating: “Oh shit!” and “let’s get out of here!”

    Tell me: are you seriously this stupid, or are you acting as a provocateur?

  13. RTR says:

    “Now this is a genuinly stupid display of piloting or navigation – flying a commercial aircraft past a military training excercises where the Ukrainian military is shooting missiles at test drones. There is the possibility that Russian involvement was not unintentional”

    The Israeli airplane was flying its usual course. The Ukrainians didn’t notify anybody about their maneuvers. The official Ukrainian explanation was that they shot the missile into the air, and it hit the plane purely by co-incidence. Well, if you shoot a missile into the air, the chance that it will hit an airplane is one in a trillion.

    So, why is it that when a Polish pilot makes a mistake in fog – it is a “Russian conspiracy”, but when the Ukrainian military intentionally shoots down a plane full of the hated Jews and Russians – it is “unintentional”?

  14. Blackminorca says:


    You seem to have a very difficult time with the facts. Ukraine did admit to the shooting of the missile but Russia will never admit to any wrongdoing despite it being the agent of death for 100 million in the last century.

    Now, it is your turn to resond that “Lenin and Trotsky were not Russians – they were Jews” and “The Poles deserved to be killed at Katyn for what they did to Russians in WWI”.

  15. RTR says:

    Wrong number.

    It is you who hates Jews and Poles, not I. As in:
    Demjanjuk- “…hunted down by Jewish groups”.
    April 13th, 2010 by Blackminorca

    Yes There Were Polish Concentration Camps
    And in these Polish run concentration camps, they killed Ukrainians that fought to rid Ukraine of their foreign invaders.
    April 8th, 2010 by Blackminorca

    I am not here to discuss Ukrainian or Soviet history. I am here to discuss the airport accident. And you are here to purposefully and maliciously lie that the Russians “killed Kaczinski” on purpose, in order to make your enemies – Russians and Poles – hate each other.

  16. Blackminorca says:

    Perhaps you should contact your attorney as you are committing slander and libel. The quotes that you make were made by others or they are simply fabrications made by you. The Demjanjuk quote – actually the words of the World Jewish Congress report.

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